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Bachkovo Monasterylocated only 40 km away from the village of Zornitza. It was founded in 1083 and it is the second biggest monastery in Bulgaria. The monastery has its own museum, which holds extraordinary valuable items of artistic nature and the monastery’s library holds valuable manuscripts and rare early printed books. The monastery is declared a monument of culture.

The Cross Forest - in the middle Rhodope Mountains amidst a beautiful nature lies the Holy Trinity Monastery – the Cross Forest, or, as specified on the Bulgarian map, the Cross Peak. In the past years the monastery gained wide popularity among the Orthodox Christians as a sacred and worship place.

Rozhen Observatory, Planetarium - located about 20 km away from the village of Zornitsa. The observatory is one of the largest observation centers in Europe. Together with the Planetarium in Smolyan the National Astronomical Observatory has turned into a unique tourist destination.

The Wonder Bridges Natural Phenomenon - one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Rhodope Maintains located 28 km away from the village of Zornitsa. They are a unique natural phenomenon representing natural rock bridges amidst a pine forest.

Trigrad Gorge - a gorge located 1.5 kilometers away from the village of Trigrad. Its total length is 7 km but the very gorge is 2-3 km. It is the third longest gorge in Bulgaria, following the Buynovo Gorge and the Tran Gorge.

Yagodina Cave,, Yagodina Gorge - the longest of all the caves in the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated 66 km away from the village of Zornitsa. In the cave halls wonderful stalactites, stalagmites and columns can be seen.

Smolyan Lakeslocated in Bukova Planina, a mountain in the Western Rhodope Mountains, to the north under the Orpheus Rocks and Snezhanka Peak.

The Smolyan Planetarium - on 6th September 1975 in Smolyan the biggest Planetarium with a National Astronomical Observatory in Bulgaria was opened.

The Holy City of Perperikon - An archaeological complex consisting of a large megalithic sanctuary, ancient monuments and a medieval fortress. Its name is associated with the gold coins “perpera” also known as “zlatitsa” in the Medieval Bulgaria.

Mechi CHal Ski Run - From the end of the town of Chepelare to the Mechi Chal Peak (the Bear Peak) lies the largest ski run in Bulgaria certified by FIS equipped with ski-tows and a two-seater cable car.

The Mushrooms Stones Natural Phenomenon - The Mushroom Stones Natural Phenomenon (also called Mushroom Rocks) is located about 1 km to the north of the village of Beli Plast, next to the Haskovo/Kardzhali road itself. The locals call it Mantarkaya.

The Stone Wedding Natural Phenomenon - located near the village of Zimzelen. This group of rocks encompasses figures up to 10 meters high, resembling people, animals and suchlike. This group is located on an area of almost 50,000 square meters.

The Zlatograd Ethnographic Area Complex - The Zlatograd Ethnographic Area Complex is a huge open-air museum that shows us what the town must have looked like more than 100 years ago.

The Devil‘s Bridge near the town of Ardino - The Devil’s Bridge is a medieval bridge over the Arda River situated in a picturesque defile about 10 kilometers to the northwest of the town of Ardino, near the village of Dyadovtsi.

Asen’s Fortress - The Asen’s Fortress, or Petrich, is a medieval fortress situated in the Rhodope Mountains 2 km away from Asenovgrad.

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